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Customized Decoration

In customized decoration service, we will try our best to create your dream wedding. We strongly recommend clients to send us their ideas or any inspiration photos before the meeting, then we can discuss and estimate the feasibility of it. Every parts in the wedding is unique and special. In the consultation, we will ask if clients would like to focus on any specific part in the wedding and we will suggest a better plan for them to make everything perfect within their budget. Scroll down to see different sections in the wedding is needed.





Wedding background in ceremony can be set up as backdrop, arches or even pillars and other special arrangements. We usually re-using the background from ceremony to reception. Then clients do not have to waste money for two background set up on wedding day.



A romantic aisle is playing an important role in a wedding ceremony. That would be a romantic vibe when the bride walk down the aisle with full of florals. Flowers on aisle usually will be re-used on guest table as a centrepiece.


Sweetheart & Head-Table

FYI, head-table refers to a larger table that includes the bride and groom, their wedding party, and/or immediate family members. The sweetheart table is a much smaller table wherein the bride and groom sit by themselves at their own table during the reception. When clients have no idea to choose which one, we will suggest them based on the budget they have as head-table is longer which means need more decoration on.


Guest Table Centrepieces

Centrepieces is a must have item on a wedding. They usually re-use from ceremony on aisle or make something different by using the floral on ceremony to another design and arrangement. We recommend clients to pick fresh flowers on guest table as the guests will be very close to the flowers and fresh flower looks better and they can get it home after the wedding as one of the gifts. Floral is not a must as a centrepieces, we can also put other decor like candle set with greeneries etc.

Our Customer Feedback

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Sally and Justin

"Beautiful people and beautiful decor. We are so grateful for Fiona and her team at FINO Decor for making our wedding absolutely stunning."

Jessica and Andy

"For all the arrangements for the wedding, except praise is thanks! Thank you very much Fino team for their careful, serious and enthusiastic attention to the arrangement of this wedding. I said that she presented all my imagined pictures of the wedding on the scene that day. No matter how extravagant and unconstrained ideas, fully describe to her and tell her, I believe Fiona will give you too many surprises! Thanks Fino team! Perfect wedding perfect everything!"

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Fiona and Dennis

Iā€™m pretty happy to have Fino Decor to plan my wedding. Fino team would make a detailed wedding proposal according to your budget and expectations. They were friendly, patient and professional. You can trust them to plan everything for your wedding, including wedding decor, flower orders, contact other vendors, and wedding gown rentals. Everything was beyond my expectations on my wedding day. I highly recommend consulting with their team first when you plan your wedding at the first beginning.

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